Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Picture perfect

Photographing almost sixty gas stations spread throughout the state of Wisconsin is no small task. Just finding them all can be challenging. Thankfully, this task was entrusted to a skilled photographer, Mark Fay.

Mark logged over 5,000 miles capturing each of the stations in their present condition. His beautiful color photographs are a wonderful addition to Fill ‘er Up: The Glory Days of Wisconsin Gas Stations. Jim and I are grateful for his contribution.

An exhibit of Mark’s work, including some of the gas station images, is currently on display at the Eau Claire public library. An Exhibit of Photography is on display through October 14, 2008.

And speaking of Eau Claire, we'll be doing a book event there October 9, 2008. We’re hoping to post a list soon of all of the book events taking place. In the meantime, you can view a list of some of our upcoming events at the Wisconsin Historical Society Press website.

We’ll look forward to sharing the book and meeting you at an event this fall.

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